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We are TreanorHL

2016-08-08 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Effective August 8, 2016, we are excited to announce our company name: TreanorHL.

“We considered several options during the renaming process—options ranging from a brand new name to keeping one of our current names—in the end we wanted to respect the nature of who we are,” said Dan Rowe, TreanorHL president and chief executive officer. “Our new name respects the long histories of both Treanor Architects and H+L Architecture while reflecting the aspirations of the new firm.”

The merger was announced in January 2016. Since then, leadership has united the firm by incorporating best practices and shaping focused studios based on the areas of expertise.

“A merger is announced in a singular moment, but the act of merging is an ongoing effort,” said Scott Kuehn, TreanorHL chief operating officer. “We have diligently combined our firms, working to maintain the best practices in project management and design. Because of our shared values and client-centered practice the process has gone well and our studios are a natural evolution of our practice.”

TreanorHL will continue to focus on areas of expertise and thought leadership, allowing us to provide the best solutions for each of our client’s specific needs. We have specialized Studios in design for advanced industries, education, healthcare, housing/mixed-use, justice, preservation, science and technology, and student life.

“While our name has evolved, our commitment to our clients, our communities, and our employees remains the same,” said Kuehn. “This strategic growth allows us to focus on our passion, such as healthcare, education, and advanced industries, while offering new services to the Denver and Colorado Springs communities.”


Meet Our New Associate Principals

2015-10-08 Posted By: Patty Weaver

With specialized expertise and their eyes on the future, these people stand out in their ability to design spaces that inspire and connect people. Join us in congratulating Treanor’s new associate principals.

Chris Cunningham, AIA   Robert Koening, AIA, CHC
Chris Cunningham, AIA
Housing & Mixed-Use
Parking his blue GTI in front of our office early each morning is just the beginning of Chris’ dedication to his craft. Chris has the drive to deliver projects the way Treanor projects should be.

Robert Koenig, AIA, CHC
Curious to his core, Robert researches like a scholar and genuinely enjoys getting to know people. No matter where he is or the topic of conversation, Robert makes meaningful connections and brings people together to make the world more neighborly.
Lisa Lamb, IIDA, NCIDQ   Jeff Lane, AIA
Lisa Lamb, IIDA, NCIDQ
Interior Design
Integrity, thoughtfulness and razor-sharp design skills aren’t all that make Lisa capable of extraordinary feats. She makes problems vanish with her magic wand, solving them quickly, quietly and thoughtfully.

Jeff Lane, AIA
They say to dress for the job you want; Jeff acts that way. He strikes a perfect balance between confident independence and accountability to his team and peers. Relatable, honest, trustworthy—Jeff leads through his actions and celebrates the achievements of others.
Julia Manglitz, AIA LEED AP   Jerome Ratzlaff, AIA
Julia Manglitz, AIA LEED AP
Our resident rocket scientist (with a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering and a master’s in architecture) has been published internationally. From climbing 100-foot scaffolding to public speaking, Julia does all her own architecture stunts.

Jerome Ratzlaff, AIA
Science & Technology
In a world where architects have to fill a lot of tall orders, 6’6”Jerome is highly qualified in more than one way. Organized, focused, respected—Jerome quietly leads by example.
James Reittinger   Todd Renyer, AIA
James Reittinger
Student Life
As inspired as his sock collection, James exudes passion. As a teacher, innovator, and the director of design for our Student Life studio, James elevates those around him with a spirit of what could be.

Todd Renyer, AIA
An outdoorsman at heart, Todd enjoys cultivating his patch of land and the challenge of restoring the environment to its natural state. So it’s no surprise that he digs the challenge of rehabilitating historic buildings. Just like the historic buildings he advocates for, Todd is full of character that makes the community better.

Celebrating Community & Each Other

2014-07-25 Posted By: Jac Samp
Jim Bogle, Vicki Kraft & Kathy Stone presented to our team, and we are committed to help!Jim Bogle, Vicki Kraft & Kathy Stone presented to our team, and we are committed to help!
Mark Muller describes material selection choices.Mark Muller describes material selection choices.
Dave Livingood walks the team through design options for Texas A&M.Dave Livingood walks the team through design options for Texas A&M.
Greg Kimball takes charge, pointing out details for his team.Greg Kimball takes charge, pointing out details for his team.
Sharon Schmitz shares special considerations about design for justice.Sharon Schmitz shares special considerations about design for justice.

Kansas Statehouse Recreated with Cans at Topeka CANstruction

2014-06-06 Posted By: Jac Samp

Treanor Architects participated in the inaugural Topeka Canstruction competition on Saturday, May 31.

Special thanks to our project leaders, Ian Pitts (left) and Andrew Oliver (right). Good job!Special thanks to our project leaders, Ian Pitts (left) and Andrew Oliver (right). Good job!

Breaking New Ground

2012-04-02 Posted By: Andrea Albright

Treanor Launches Sustainability Committee

2011-11-23 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Eco Abet Summer Design Charrette Assists KC Metro Non-Profits

816Bike building at 31st & Cherry and design concepts.816Bike building at 31st & Cherry and design concepts.

Treanor Participates in Eco Abet Summer Charrette

2011-07-12 Posted By: Patty Weaver
Eco Abet Summer Charrette PosterEco Abet Summer Charrette Poster