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Building Campus Housing with Student-Athletes in Mind

2017-01-16 Posted By: Emily Bengoa

This article appeared in the November | December issue of Athletic Business.

Players at the University of Kansas made headlines last fall when they moved into Marie S. McCarthy Hall, an $11.2 million modern apartment complex that boasts a list of amenities specific to elite athletes. Similar residences have been built at Kentucky, Auburn, Oklahoma and North Carolina State.

On the surface, such venues appear to be the latest weapon in the recruiting arms race among the nation's top athletics programs, but there's more to it than that.

Recruiting, retaining and helping student-athletes succeed as students, athletes and individuals is critical, especially at schools with a strong competitive tradition. The Kansas basketball program, established in 1898 by basketball founder James Naismith, is the second-winningest in the NCAA. Kansas head coach Bill Self is passionately vocal about providing for the young men who play for him the best possible environment — one that reflects the school's legacy but also feels like home.

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McCarthy Hall Photo by Bill Timmerman PhotographyMcCarthy Hall Photo by Bill Timmerman Photography

Shoptalk: Chimera

2017-01-05 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Shoptalk—deciphering architectural and historic preservation jargon one word at a time!


a fantastic assemblage of animal forms so combined as to produce a single complete, but unnatural animal (Source: Cyril M. Harris, Editor. An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture, Dover Reprint, 1977 – McGraw-Hill, NY.);

Eight chimera stand sentinel on the Oklahoma State Captiol, two on each pediment. The stones were placed in 1916 and 1917 as part of the Capitol’s original construction. Each of these majestic winged lions was carved from a 400-cubic-foot block of Indiana limestone. The Shea, Donnelly and Gilberson Company was responsible for the production of these pieces.

Repetitive sculptural ornament on buildings, such as the chimeras, are not typically "signed" or marked. However, two of the Oklahoma State Capitol chimeras have the initials "C.W" chiseled into the rear flank. Research is underway to try to determine whose initials they are; they may represent the sculptor who designed the pieces, or the carver.

Chimera are sometimes confused with other mythological beasts, particularly griffins and sphinxes. Griffins are mythological beasts with a lion’s body and an eagle’s head and wings, also frequently with talons for front legs. Sphinxes typically have a human head on a lion’s body and may or may not have wings.

Oklahoma State Capitol ChimeraChimera at the Oklahoma State Capitol (south facing on west pediment).

Oklahoma State Capitol Chimera with InitialsC.W initials chiseled into the flank of the east facing chimera on the Oklahoma State Capitol’s north pediment.

Oklahoma State Capitol ChimeraC.W. initials chiseled into the flank of the west facing chimera on the Oklahoma State Capitol’s south pediment.

Example of a GriffinIllustration of a griffin. (Image: Cyril M. Harris, Editor. An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture, Dover Reprint, 1977 – McGraw-Hill, NY.)

Exmple of a SphinxAssyrian sphinx “Future” facing west, shielding its eyeswith its wings from an unknown future. (Photo: Building a Nation: Indiana Limestone Photograph Collection, Indiana Geological Survey, Indiana University,, accessed Jan. 4, 2017.)

Revitalizing Underutilized Study Spaces

2016-12-07 Posted By: Olivia Marshall

"A well-designed study space will always deliver a true return on investment."

How can Universities be assured that the spaces they create for students on campus will be used properly (or used at all)? James Baumann, of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I), recently wrote an article, showcasing universities that have had success transforming underutilized study spaces into dynamic, functional study lounges -- several, of which we had the pleasure of working with.

Our research at Sam Houston State University found that students prefer adaptable spaces that can be used for both leisure and study. After discovering that study spaces on campus were underutilized, specifically in residence halls, these universities decided to transform them. Students have enjoyed their playful, attractive, fun-to-use collaboration spots, and universities have seen more interaction and community being built on campus because of them.

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Sam Houston State University Research Sam Houston State University Research
Gateway Hall - The University of MissouriGateway Hall - The University of Missouri
Hullabaloo Hall - Texas A&M UniversityHullabaloo Hall - Texas A&M University
Daisy Hill Commons - The University of KansasDaisy Hill Commons - The University of Kansas

Breaking ground: Interdisciplinary Research and Education Building

2016-10-27 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds
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Health Innovations LabHealth Innovations Lab
View of the lobbyView of the lobby
Student loungeStudent lounge
Groundbreaking on October 25th 2016.Groundbreaking on October 25th 2016.
Students at the groundbreaking.Students at the groundbreaking.

Classification and alternative sentencing: two steps forward for county jails

2016-10-27 Posted By: Anne Dillon

Media headlines across the country tell the story. In Boulder County, Colorado, a 239-bed jail that holds 500 people some nights reported seven deaths between 2012-2015. In Jackson County Jail in Kansas City, the potential sexual assault of two women inmates by male inmates is rekindling debates about the deteriorating 30-year-old building and its safe operation.

Tennessee’s Bradley County jail notified local law enforcement officials in August that it can no longer accept prisoners, after the Tennessee Corrections Institute cited the jail as overcrowded and understaffed. According to state figures, 30% of that state’s county jails are at more than 90% capacity overall, and jails are at 89% of their total female capacity. In Carroll County, Indiana, temporary “canoe” cots have handled overflow until officials decried the practice. In Bannock County, Idaho, $300,000 a year is being allocated to rent beds from other counties.

Even in county jails where overcrowding is less of an issue, growth in special populations and subpopulations are changing daily operations. The simple county jail of 20 years ago has grown much more complex.


Changing Dynamics of the Residence Hall Bathroom

2016-10-20 Posted By: Emily Bengoa

Looking for a sign of changing times on campus?
Look no further than the residence hall bathroom.

Spurred by student activism, institutional initiatives and legal challenges to provide safe and equitable facilities for transgender and non-gender-identified students, more than 200 U.S. colleges and universities now offer some form of gender-neutral, or all-gender, bathrooms and/or housing on campus.

The bathroom represents a natural evolution in designing and operating student life buildings that reflect institutional values of inclusion and community. Student residences and other buildings must address the very real need for privacy, safety and security that impact a student’s psychological and physical well-being—regardless of who those students are or where they come from. At its most basic level, that means ensuring a safe space to attend to the routines of daily life.

“It will be hard for campuses to not have a clear strategy, even if it takes them time to implement it,” says Anita Moran, FAIA, Principal at TreanorHL. Especially now that a Dear Colleague advisory letter issued by the Obama Administration begins to position the issue with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination by sex.

“Students have the right to use the bathroom they identify with. That is part of creating a safe, secure, comfortable space on campus where they can belong,” says James Reittinger, Associate Principal and Director of Design at TreanorHL. “Thoughtful building design plays a significant role in providing the privacy, safety, accessibility, and social interaction that helps students succeed and develop socially, personally and academically.”

How can campuses address the issue? By balancing design, programming, policy and campus culture:

Gender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway HallGender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway Hall
Gender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway HallGender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway Hall
Gender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway HallGender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway Hall

Carey & Co Joins TreanorHL

2016-10-06 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Carey & Co., a prominent architectural and preservation firm headquartered in San Francisco, has joined TreanorHL, a national architectural firm with a highly successful preservation practice

“Looking toward the future, we decided it was time to join forces with a like-minded firm,” commented Nancy Goldenberg, Carey & Co principal. “We intentionally searched for a firm that cared as much about historic architecture as we do. TreanorHL quickly rose to the top as the most compatible firm with a studio solely focused on historic preservation.” 

Carey & Co.’s award winning historic preservation and architectural services align with the values and expertise of the TreanorHL Preservation studio. Both firms believe that older and historic buildings are an essential part of contemporary communities. 

“As one firm we will work to connect the past to the present by restoring and rehabilitating historic buildings for contemporary uses,” said K. Vance Kelley, TreanorHL Preservation principal. “Carey & Co. will continue to provide the high-quality services its clients have grown to expect. The only notable change to the company is the name. It is now referred to as Carey & Co., a TreanorHL Company.”

As it did before, Carey & Co will continue to specialize in historic preservation, providing architectural design, materials conservation, cultural resource assessment, historic resource surveying/planning, and historic district master planning services. 

“Bringing Carey & Co. into the TreanorHL family was an easy choice,” said Dan Rowe, TreanorHL president. “Our similar values—dedication to restoring historic properties and commitment to our staff—made for a natural fit between our two firms. With their deep roots in California, we are excited about the opportunities to grow in the area.”

We are TreanorHL

2016-08-08 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Effective August 8, 2016, we are excited to announce our company name: TreanorHL.

“We considered several options during the renaming process—options ranging from a brand new name to keeping one of our current names—in the end we wanted to respect the nature of who we are,” said Dan Rowe, TreanorHL president and chief executive officer. “Our new name respects the long histories of both Treanor Architects and H+L Architecture while reflecting the aspirations of the new firm.”

The merger was announced in January 2016. Since then, leadership has united the firm by incorporating best practices and shaping focused studios based on the areas of expertise.

“A merger is announced in a singular moment, but the act of merging is an ongoing effort,” said Scott Kuehn, TreanorHL chief operating officer. “We have diligently combined our firms, working to maintain the best practices in project management and design. Because of our shared values and client-centered practice the process has gone well and our studios are a natural evolution of our practice.”

TreanorHL will continue to focus on areas of expertise and thought leadership, allowing us to provide the best solutions for each of our client’s specific needs. We have specialized Studios in design for advanced industries, education, healthcare, housing/mixed-use, justice, preservation, science and technology, and student life.

“While our name has evolved, our commitment to our clients, our communities, and our employees remains the same,” said Kuehn. “This strategic growth allows us to focus on our passion, such as healthcare, education, and advanced industries, while offering new services to the Denver and Colorado Springs communities.”


From Conflict to Consensus

2016-08-03 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds

Does Space Matter?

2016-08-01 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds